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02 Apr 2024
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Konica Minolta’s newly released professional suite of variable data printing (VDP) software tools – AccurioPro Variable Data – is taking the world by storm as a sophisticated solution for variable data printing and data publishing.

This software bundle’s performance and flexibility are formidable, with a straightforward, menu-driven user interface, which comes in two versions: AccurioPro Variable Data Essential and AccurioPro Variable Data Premium.

AccurioPro Variable Data Essential

This entry-level variable data solution provides a robust VDP toolset at a very reasonable price. The software can process an unlimited number of database records and produce multi-page variable output in PDF or PDF/VT format.

Its extensive range of standard features include rules-based conditional processing, automatic copyfitting, multi-up and “cut & stack” support, as well as unlimited design capability. The AccurioPro Variable Data Essential is perfect to create items like postcards and other direct mail pieces, as well as production work such as consecutive numbering or barcoding.

AccurioPro Variable Data Premium

Aimed at professionals, the AccurioPro Variable Data Premium delivers significantly faster output performance and includes several additional advanced features, such as master page swapping, embedded variables and style tags, rules-based frame and page controls, and support for automated or custom processes using the AccurioPro Variable Data Scripting Module.

In addition to these features, the Premium version also offers a wider range of VDP output formats, including PDF, PDF/VT, PPML, VPS and optimised PostScript. If you are looking for maximum performance and need support for virtually any print device, then AccurioPro Variable Data Premium is the VDP software for you!

AccurioPro Variable Data Starter

For customers who do not work with extensive amounts of variable print records, Konica Minolta South Africa offers the AccurioPro Variable Data Starter software, which provides the same feature set as AccurioPro Variable Data Premium, however only for a limited number of records. Additional records can be purchased, when the credit of records is used up.

AccurioPro Variable Data is a premier cross-platform (Macintosh and Windows) variable data printing software module that integrates tightly with the Adobe® InDesign® page layout application, allowing variable elements to be added to any InDesign document. Via a very simple panel interface and a flexible, menu-driven process, users can easily define variable elements anywhere on the page.

AccurioPro Variable Data merges text, picture, multi-line article or even full-page information using data taken from practically any source. The data is inserted directly into InDesign layouts to produce unique, personalised output in a variety of file and VDP formats.

Your VDP designs are completely unrestricted, because AccurioPro Variable Data utilises the Adobe InDesign composition engine. Every feature supported by InDesign is also supported by the  AccurioPro Variable Data, including type on a curve, runarounds, multi-page composition, kerning, tracking, drop caps and transparency, to name just a few. You can save the merged documents in a number of different file formats and check for errors performing a preflight session.

In VDP workflows, it is common practice to identify a few records from a large data file in order to use these for proofing purposes. AccurioPro Variable Data provides a way to filter the record ranges to be processed based on a set of user-defined criteria. AccurioPro Variable Data will automatically search all data file records and extract only those record numbers that match the specified criteria.

The Label Sort mode can be used for label printers and cutters that require the variable data output to be printed in a continuous fashion, with the data split across two or more rows or columns on the sheet, and with each sheet picking up where the other left off. This feature is fantastic for label printers or cutting devices that require the VDP output to be produced in a very specific order.

The system is designed to create fully automated workflows capable of processing and routing thousands of records of variable data, all with complete error checking and virtually no user intervention.

10 Good reasons for AccurioPro Variable Data

1. Engaging interaction

Using AccurioPro Variable Data is highly intuitive for experienced as well as new users.

2. Intuitive interface

Making complex jobs simple with a minimal learning curve and consistent with many modern applications.

3. Simple drag & drop

Self-explaining icons reduces the need for training with amazing usability via drag and drop.

4. Easy access

No additional PC or additional software installation is required.

5. Tools at your fingertips

Gives you all the tools you need right where you need them.

6. Personalise your output

Easily customise marketing collateral and any other material in minimal time, with the option to automate the entire process.

7. Shorten your lead times

Supported by automated workflows and next to no setup time for personalisation and merging, your VDP production will be faster than ever.

8. Lower your production costs

Saving you time, effort and money, our VDP solution will enhance your competitiveness, boost your business and increase your margins.

9. Complementary to all your existing presses

Output is fully supported on all Konica Minolta and other digital presses.

10. Get on the inside track of innovation

Partnering with Konica Minolta South Africa leverages the power of its cutting-edge innovations in digital production, backed by 150+ years of leadership in optical and print technology.

The AccurioPro Variable Data software comes with a generous range of built-in features, facilitating the fast and convenient creation of even the most complex VDP pieces. Automate production tasks, such as multi-up consecutive numbering and barcoding, and diversify your product offering by providing personalisation and customisation services to your customers.

Produce everything from business cards and name badges to fully customised brochures, direct mail

pieces and other marketing collateral, easily and with the highest degree of automation. Perfectly personalise invitations, customise event programs and serialise tickets. Even better, everything is menu-driven, so there is absolutely no coding language to learn.