BusinessPrint is the whole package at The GAPP Awards 2022

08 Feb 2024

Based in Pretoria and boasting a total complement of 122 employees, BusinessPrint has demonstrated consistent growth and evolution over the past 40 years that has culminated with it being recognised as a supplier of quality litho, digital and packaging printed products, through being a winner at The GAPP Awards 2022.

BusinessPrint was founded in 1983 by Dr. Wessel Smuts as a print shop that catered to the University of Pretoria’s printing needs. This included the printing of A1 plans for its architectural students and later flowed over to the printing of first year textbooks, as well as any additional work that the university required.

The operation entered the printing space with A2 litho presses, which, over the years, led to its transformation into an A1 print shop. Since 2018, the company has incorporated folding cartons to its ever-expanding list of products and print services. The addition of an A1 die-cutting machine and a SBL folder-gluer has enabled it to place more and more focus on the packaging side of the print market.

‘We have a commercial litho as well as a significant digital print department, but the focus has been growing consistently into the packaging realm, specifically on the folding carton side of packaging,’ explained Jose Frazao, Acting Chief Executive Officer at BusinessPrint. ‘Our value proposition is quick turnaround times on small run, digitally printed work such as business cards, glue bound and stapled books. We also print a lot of exam papers, through being situated close to Tshwane University of Technology campuses as well as the University of Pretoria.’

He continued, ‘In terms of larger commercial print runs on litho, we produce items such as magazines, yearbooks and textbooks for schools as well as universities. When it comes to the printing and finishing of packaging material, we supply items like folded cartons and product header boards, to name but a few.’

Jose says that being a winner at The GAPP Awards 2022 has reinforced the fact that BusinessPrint produces quality work. ‘We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and sometimes one wonders whether all this additional emphasis on processes to maintain one’s ISO standards is really worth it, so being a winner of The GAPP Awards has given us recognition for the relentless focus that we have had on ensuring that we provide quality products to our customers.’

There are a number of variables that print operations have to contend with when producing printed work. Jose believes that it is vital for print shops to be able to manage these variables effectively in order to be successful and to turn out exceptional work.

‘In our instance, we have up-to-date technology like colour management systems on litho and even digital presses, which has given us a leading edge. When it comes to quality levels, we have processes embedded in ISO standards and we have ensured that our staff are sufficiently trained to execute them in order to achieve superior print work,’ he elaborated.

‘Our in-house focus is to deliver quality products to our customers within a reasonable amount of time – and to then do this repeatedly. Through being winners at The GAPP Awards 2022, I believe that the recognition we received tells us that our staff is getting it right and that they have done so consistently.’

He continued, ‘The quality of the substrate being used is also very important, not only in terms of how the final product will look but also when it comes to what we refer to internally as “the ease of operation” in other words, how easily we can work with it. What we’ve seen is, when it comes to packaging, it is of even greater importance as the grammage increases. It’s therefore crucial to utilise good quality material that will facilitate the production process.’

For BusinessPrint, one of the highlights of the Awards’ gala event was having the industry come together after being isolated as a result of the pandemic. ‘Everyone was saying, ‘It’s such a prestigious Awards function and just to get together and sit with industry leaders post-Covid was in itself a highlight,’ Jose mused.

He says that new customers in particular are more easily swayed to give them a try, based on the fact that they are dealing with a The GAPP Awards winner. ‘The GAPP Awards recognises suppliers of quality printed products; being one of a handful of print service providers to be distinguished in this way gives our customers peace of mind through knowing that BusinessPrint will print material of an exceptional standard.’

The company plans to enhance its packaging capabilities to bolster its current focus on folded cartons as well as to branch out into label printing, while continuing to drive its existing quality-centric systems and processes, in order to meet the expectations of its customers.

In the spirit of the Rugby World Cup, Jose’s parting advice to companies wanting to enter the 2024 edition of The GAPP Awards is, ‘Focus on the game and let the scoreboard take care of itself.’ He says, ‘If businesses embed quality processes that create a mindset and a system that supports continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and employee engagement – and they do it reliably – then they ought to enter the Awards.’